"Naegi-kun…Would you like to investigate the dating scene with me?"


w-WHAT?!!! d-don’t you mean.. g-go investigate the dead bodies?!! that seems more like what you would say ;;;;;

"No….I mean , would you like to go on a date with me.?…"

Yeah! w-well…. s-sure…. i mean… uh…. h-how do i put this….

i used to when i was free on Sundays…. no one heard that, right?

OK so I saw you in a recommended blog post, and I got really confused for a sec because you look a lot like another Makoto Naegi I know. I thought 'Did I accidentally unfollow them?' Then I realized you weren't the same Naegi.

((ahaa, what can i say, i have a face of an average person?? :} the Leon from the SHSL Panel said almost the exact thing but i looked like 5 different people she knew :’D ))

I have no clue, i mean, who would like an average joe like me?!!

Monokuma: he’d probably wet himself if that everhappened!!
get. out. of. here

Umm.. Say Junko, if you said you hate the sight of hope, why would you hang out with someone that hopes?





Junko: Ah, the “SHSL Hope” found us. image
You see, Naegi-kun…There are-How should I put this…? 

There are lots of reasons why I hang out with Komaeda-kun, really. 
First off, him trying to preach about this pathetic hope of yours makes me want to shut him up, which keeps my days from being monotone and boring. At least sometimes.
Second, his so called “hope” is different from yours, y’know? There’s not just “hope” and “despair”, there are many different types. I prefer calling it hopeful despair in his case.♥ Komaeda-kun would never admit it, but it’s just the truuuth! ♥

And as for the others…. 

Why don’t you try and find out?~


you may be trying to bring despair into everyone, but no matter what, hope will always win and defeat your despair, and i know Komaeda can do his best to bring hope into everyone’s mind.. if not, there will be someone to bring you down..


You’re doing it wrong. There’s no American flag, or fireworks, or the bald eagle. If you’re gonna try to spread hope with a bullshit monologue, then do it right.”

Junko: I agree completely, that monologue was the epitome of “stupidity” and “lame”.
 image Not everything is “hope” and “despair”, Kibou—kun.~ Black and white would be a boring combination without any other colors around, y’know? “Hope will always win over despair” “Bring hope into everyone’s mind” Aaalways the same dumb things! ♥ 
If you want to defend your oh so precious hope…image 
….Fucking fight me like you mean it and stop preaching about boring things.

first off, that’s not very nice of you guys.. second, what’s despair going to get you in the future? sure it makes you happy, but what about everyone else?? to be honest, i think you’re being a little self-centered by only thinking of your own happiness. and if you dont think that’s enough…

meet me in the pit.

wait… me? a-are you guys sure about this?!!

Thank you for your kind answer! Yeah, the reason I didn't buy a Komaeda wig is because my dad didn't like that they were all being shipped from Asia (it's a Japanese video game Dad, what do you expect). I can submit pictures if you want later? Thanks

((Hmm yeah, parents can be like that :/ but then again, doesn’t a lot of stuff come from there in general?? Ooooh well :’0 

But yes!!!! Please feel free to send me any pictures/gifs of you in cosplay!!!! I love receiving them!!!))

hey now, i’m a teenage boy that has secrets of my own, i can’t just freely tell the world about me and my love interests together!! i doubt it’d even happen!!!!

Hey, it's the Komaeda con anon again! I was wondering if you knew anywhere I could get cheap Komaeda wigs?

((sorry for the suPER LATE REPLY GOSH GOLLY :’(

i get all my wigs off of ebay [got my naegi there!] and i usually look for prices around $20. MAKE SURE THAT THE RATINGS ARE VERY HIGH BEFORE PURCHASING!!! what i’d look under is just “nagito komaeda wig” tho if you dont want that pink in the hair, i’d look for a possible shoulder-length silver/white wig :^) silver/white looks better imo   but yeah, that’s my cheap route for wigs :D))

Hey, I asked you for first time con tips? The friend who was going with me canceled and I'm terrible at making friends; no one there knew who I was cosplaying and no one was cosplaying people from my fandoms. So I guess it could've been better :/

((oh no, i’m really sorry to hear :’( my advice really sucks i am terribly sorry ;;;;  i mean, everyone’s con experiences are different, and usually the first ones are kinda like getting settled into it. my first con wasn’t really the greatest cause i kinda got sad and slightly ditched my friends and sulked, but the greatest things about cons each time you go is that you meet more people and become better friends with them :) like you, i was horrible at making friends cause i didn’t want to kinda “forget” the friends i have, but everyone is nice and being able to open yourself up really helps! i learned that the hard way with not having any friends for a good 3 months.
it’s ok if no one knows who you’re cosplaying. i mean, i still bring Oz to cons and not really anyone knows about pandora hearts, but it’s all about having fun and junk.

all in all, con-going will get better the more you’re able to go, you just gotta make it memorable for yourself and do your best to make friends :) we’re all dorks in costumes! again, i’m sorry for not being much help :’( i wish i could have done something to help you D’: ))