So I decided to throw on Junko today and— 

Leon wants to talk to me?? woah.. this is really strange, i think we should make sure he’s not sick or anything

as much as i would like to change up my hair, i don’t think that will be happening anytime soon ;;;;

o-oh, i’m sorry, by no means do i mean to do this! i dont think it’s true though

i mean, if i had to and not have anyone despair because of it, i guess so? kinda like a sacrificial thing i guess you would call it?

but i dont think you can save the world with despair, i think you mean hope! i’ll change that up for you :-)

uh… nobody to be honest it’s not even good to see a dead body ;;;;

what?!! oh gosh, thank you guys! if anyone is amazing, it’s you guys!

no problem! i’d like to thank you for following me back too!

and uh… do you mean Togami? it could be me but i haven’t noticed his change of moods ;;;; 




woah, y-you really think that?? well, i’m not sure, i just kinda talk to them like anyone would talk to girls! 


so hmm, i guess just talk to her as if you were talking to anyone else?? …. but maybe more polite if she is a princess (my advices are bad i’m sorry!)


EH?? Is that really it? Jus’ talk to her like anyone else?! B-b-but that’s insane, she’s a princess! Don’t you gotta roll out the red carpet for her or or or offer her to step on you over a mud puddle?”


"You and Hinata… man, you guys must be naturals at it. I’m gettin’ smoke outta my ears from figurin’ this out"

i guess who could look at it like… uhm… you guys attend the same school, so it’s kinda like you’re friends already?? and if you’re in a school… or island in your case, of mutual killing, wouldn’t you wanna have more allies than enemies?

a-a natural?!! i-i wouldn’t say that! i guess you can just say it’s being open to everyone to walk up to and chat??


Wait, are you-?

Ugh no no. I’m afraid not.

r-really? hmm.. i guess if you say so you do look familiar though, i cant place my thumb on it