no no, Komaeda, i’d like to thank you for spreading hope to your classmates!! you truly did you best :)


Togami, Komaeda, and Naegi are going to be in DR: Another Episode

which means Naegi Reunion (maybe)


everyone else and i were actually talking about that, but apparently i’m too “average” for a super power ;;;;;

but if i were to choose, i would really like having super strength!! maybe i should talk to Sakura about this..

Enoshima is actually a better person to go to about fashion i mean, she said my taste sucks

but whenever in doubt, i’d always wear a hoodie!!

as much as i dont want to say, it’s natural.

i mean, i try to flatten it, but nothing seems to work… hmm…

That was a Pandora Hearts doujin... I love you and you have now gained a follower

((oh. oh you dont know my love of pandora hearts. it was my life))


umm… i dont think so

Monokuma: ya know what they say, ya smelt it, you dealt it!—

you know, i think they were portrayed pretty well! like, Hagakure is all laid back and junk and Ishimaru is “school enviornment” that

and then there’s Maizono….. 

oh uh.. well i’m pretty average, so i guess there’s nothing special.

i mean, i guess being optimistic is the only good thing really, and maybe being able to go up to people and having a conversation with them? but other than that, i guess that’s all i got ;;;;

aha, i’m sorry but i guess i dont! i didn’t know someone as average could mean a lot to someone ;;;;