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w-what?!! o-of course not, Maizono!! i mean, i guess you could call it a friend-date, right? …. r-right?!!

Monokuma: are you sure about that?? you do know about the “thing”, right??

someone needs to learn about privacy….


Nope. This time I have water. (Guess what? I don’t drink orange juice all the time.)

don’t worry, Hinata, i got you covered :^)

it’s been getting cold in my room, but luckily i was given gloves to slightly warm up my hands!

expect me wearing gloves until my room warms up!


"Sadly not yet…I haven’t has a definite answer…"

"I’m beginning to lose hope.."

o-oh! d-dont lose hope over this, Kirigiri!!!! i mean, if you want to go on a date, we can!! i’m not really good at doing this sort of thing with a girl though ;;;;

((so this post makes my 1000 post since i’ve started this blog!!! thanks guys :DD

have some mess ups of casual au :^) ))

hey, you dont have to pressure me! you know that’s bullying, right?!

but… give me time, ok?

to be honest, i didn’t take his advice! i thought it was not really… i dont know, proper enough?? 

now that you mention his pick-ups, do you even think he dated anyone?